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1,239 acres
76,957 annual visits
9,572 overnight visits


There is no naturalist on staff at the park.


The open areas of the park, along with the mature hardwood stands, combine to provide habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species including white-tailed deer, geese, ducks and a variety of songbirds. Visitors fish for northerns, walleyes, and largemouth bass in Moosehead and Echo Lakes, and for pan fish in Echo Lake.


Beginning in 1962, local residents began working for the establishment of a state park in order to increase the number of camping sites in the area. The park became a reality in 1971 and by August of 1977, a picnic area was completed on the north shore of Echo Lake. Over the years, additional campsites, picnic areas, hiking trails and a swimming beach have been added.


The park lies in an area covered by glacial till and outwash deposits from the last glacier. Large ice blocks which melted after the glacier retreated created both Moosehead and Echo Lakes.


The park is a mix of fields, woods, woodland wildlife ponds, and fishing lakes. Wooded areas of the park contain mature aspen stands mixed with basswood, birch, and maple trees.