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Hard-to-measure trees

How to find the circumference of hard-to-measure trees:

1. When a tree has deep convolutions or indentations, measure without pressing into the indentations.

Measuring a tree with deep convolutions.

2. If a single tree has a double stem that forks below 4½ feet above the ground, measure at the narrowest place below the fork.

Measuring a tree with a double stem.

If the tree forks at ground level, measure the largest stem at 4½ feet.

Measuring a tree that forks at ground level.

3. When the base of a tree is "heaved" (tree roots exposed usually due to the effects of erosion, along with tree movement and growth patterns), the measuring point begins where the root mass ends and the tree trunk begins.

Measuring a tree with a 'heaved' base.

4. If a tree is growing on a slope, measure 4½ feet above the midpoint of the different ground levels.

Measuring a tree on a slope.