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Classroom Bulk Order Policy

Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine is once again accepting purchase orders for payment of classroom subscriptions.

The following pricing structure covers the full cost of providing bulk copies.

One-time order: $1.50 per magazine X (quantity___________) = $_______________ cost

Annual order (6 issues): $9.00 per subscription X (quantity_________) = $_______________ cost

For a typical order of 30 copies, your annual cost would be $270.

To setup a bulk order, please contact David Lent at 651-259-5347 or

Many schools obtain annual sponsorships from local individuals, service clubs or parent-teacher organizations to cover a portion or all of the subscription cost. If this support is available to your school, please have checks made payable to Minnesota Conservation Volunteer, and clearly indicate the name of the school on whose behalf the payment is being made. If sponsorship support covers a portion of the subscription, we will provide an invoice for the balance.





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