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Photo of walleye stamp.

Stock Up on Walleye Stamps

You can voluntarily support Minnesota's walleye stocking program by purchasing the 2010 walleye stamp. Stamp proceeds go to a dedicated account used to maintain and enhance walleye fishing in about 1,000 lakes that cover 1 million acres. This effort costs about $3 million per year.

This year's stamp features the work of Richfield artist Tim Turenne. A walleye stamp costs $5 for a validation (an acknowledgement on your license), and for $2 more the DNR will mail the actual stamp to your door. Minnesota's first walleye stamp was offered in 2009 and is still available.

A walleye stamp is not required to fish for or keep walleye. But you can celebrate Minnesota's state fish and support stocking by buying walleye stamps for yourself, your fishing buddies, and young anglers. Find stamps and licenses online or by call 888-665-4236.

C.B. Bylander, DNR Outreach section chief

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