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Multimedia Archives


image of moose calling

Moose Calling

See a wildlife manager demonstrate moose calling techniques.

image of gar

Gar Slideshow

See images from a gar fishing adventure on the Mississippi.

image of Maria Ostman


Meet the caretaker of a private camp that is now part of a state park.

image of owl

Owl Release

See the release of a rehabilitated northern saw-whet owl.

image of a owl

Owl Rehab

See a video of wildlife rehabilitators exercising an injured owl.

image of farmers

Working Farms

See images from a farm that benefits livestock and wildlife

image of otter

Wild Angler

Watch a river otter dive beneath the ice and return with a fish

image of gray jay

Gray Jay Cache

Watch a gray jay find and eat a hidden cache of food

image of bouy

Following Pike

Learn how researchers are learning more about important pike habitat



image of boreal chickadee

Bog of the Birds

See images of the many birds that reside in the Sax-Zim bog.

image of researchers

Following Loons

See researchers working on a loon migration study.

image of rice processing

After the Harvest

See how wild rice gets from the marsh to dinner table.

image of bird illustration

Hear the Birds

See and hear 24 birds commonly found in Minnesota.

image of archaeologists

Ridgely Artifacts

See more artifacts from the most recent dig at Fort Ridgely.

image of a bicycle

Down the Trail

See images from the Glacial Lakes State Trail and Sibley State Park.

image of rice processing

Wild Country

Navigate the Cloquet River Water Trail with an interactive map.

image of mayfly

Chasing the Hatch

See brown trout rise to big flies on the Straight River near Park Rapids.

image of eco yard illustration

Eco Yard

Navigate an interactive illustration of an eco friendly yard.

image of canoeing

Metro Canoeing

Paddle down the metro's Rice Creek Water Trail.

image of Bill Bryson

Wetland Defender

See images of the man and the marsh that made history.

image of winter camping

Winter Camping

Going old school with canvas tents means comfort from the cold.

image of CCC men on fire tower

CCC Memories

See and hear what it was like to be a part of the Civilain Conservation Corps.



image of forest fire

Fire Revisited

See images one year after the monumental Ham Lake Fire.

image of pressed plant

Plant Life

Learn about the work of DNR botanist Welby Smith.

image of channel catfish

Big Cats

Angling for trophy channel catfish on the Red River of the North.

image of a bee


Learn about the importance of native pollinators.

image of gel electrophoresis

Fish Genetics

Visit the lab of Dr. Loren Miller at the University of Minnesota.

image of peatlands

The Peatlands

Visit the Sand Lake Peatlands—one of the most innacessable places in the state.

image of wolf

Wild Life

Meet Peggy Callahan from the Wildlife Science Center.

image of angler

Metro Catches

See a gallery of trophy fish pulled from metro waters.

image of red headed woodpecker

Go Fishing

Young Naturalists learn to make a pop-can fishing rig

image of red headed woodpecker


See the red-headed woodpeckers of Cedar Creek.

image of goshawk

Alpha Accipiter

Go in search of goshawks.

image of Science Museum of Minnesota


Visit the Science Museum and see paleontologists at work.

image of a Walter Breckenridge painting

Breck's Legacy

Don Luce speaks about the life and work of Walter Breckenridge.

image of cactus

Prairie Pools

Rare plant life thrives on southwestern Minnesota's rock outcrops.

image of horse logging

Horse Logging

These modern-day loggers use horses to skid heavy timber from the forest.

image of pine martin

Tagging Martens

See images of biologists tagging pine martens as part of a habitat study.

image of pine martin

Conifer Quizzes

Test your confier tree ID with these interactive quizzes


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