Adopt-a-River Found Objects Sculpture Locations

Between 1999 and 2014, the Adopt-a-River program commissioned an artist to create an outdoor sculpture made entirely of found objects (aka "trash"), to be displayed at the Minnesota State Fair near the DNR building. Seven of these 21 sculptures are on long-term display after their time at the Fair. This map shows where you can visit these found object sculptures.

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Adopt-a-River Found Objects Sculptures Map Photo of Homegrown by Andrew Vomhof, a sculpture from 2013 Photo of Dragon Fly by Paul Byer, a sculpture from 2006 Photo of the Red Alert by Al Wadzinsky, a sculpture from 2002 Photo of the Scuttled by Andrew Vomhof, a sculpture from 2012 Photo of Nature's Engineer the Beaver by Chip Addington and Caylon Hackwith, a sculpture from 2010 Photo of The Industrious, Cooperative Ant by Rabi Sanfo, a sculpture from 2008 Photo of Union: A Deer and Two Herons by Raina Belleau, a sculpture from 2011