Walk-In Access Site Status Changes

This page provides current status for Walk-In Access sites that have either been added to or removed from the program after the printed version of the atlas was released OR are effected by emergency grazing/haying, prescribed management, and upgrade/cover disturbances. Both the online version of the WIA Atlas and the online WIA tile sheets have been updated to reflect these status changes in the table below. The list below will be updated as needed throughout the season. Changes to a site's status will be posted as soon as DNR staff are informed of changes by County SWCD staff.

Status indicators include:

WIA Site Name  Atlas Page (Tile#)  General Location of site  County  Status
Pipestone WIA #10 30 (Tile#87) 3.8 miles N of Woodstock on CR18 then .7 miles E on CR7 Pipestone Closed
Kandiyohi WIA #11 20 (Tile#69) 1.2 miles S of Hawick on CR2 Kandiyohi


Douglas WIA #26 20 (Tile#55) 5 miles N of Alexandria on MN29 then 1.3 miles E on 39th Ave then .4 miles S on Berglund Mile Rd Douglas


WIA Site Name Atlas Page (Tile#) General location of site County Status
Clay WIA #55 7 (Tile#40) 3.5 miles E of Glyndon then 2 miles N on MN9 then 1 mile E on CR87 then .3 miles N on CR85 Clay Hayed
Jackson WIA #1 30 (Tile#88) 3.6 miles E of Lakefield on CR14 then 2.9 miles N on CR17 Jackson Hayed
Lac qui Parle #43  18 (Tile#67) .3 miles E of Rosen on CR36 then turn left and go 1 mile N then turn right go 1 mile W then go 1.5 miles N on CR51 then .7 miles W on CR72 Lac qui Parle Cover Upgrade
Lyon WIA #8 29 (Tile#87) .5 miles N of Garvin on US 59, then 1.1 miles E on 120th St (TR 10) Lyon Cover Disturbance
Kandiyohi # 2 20 (Tile#69) 6.2 miles S of Brooten on CR18 then continue 3.8 miles on CR1 then 1.3 miles W on 255th Ave the .2 miles S on 255th Ave then 1.9 miles W on CR115 Kandiyohi Cover Upgrade
Kandiyohi WIA #17 20 (Tile#69) 3 miles W of Atwater on US12 then .6 miles N on CR4 Kandiyohi Cover Upgrade
Yellow Medicine WIA #3 22 (Tile#73) 3.5 miles S of Canby on US75then 3 miles W on CR36 then 1.6 miles S on 160th St Yellow Medicine Cover Upgrade
Wilkin WIA #48 10 (Tile#47) 7.5 miles S of Barnesville on MN9 then 1.1 miles E on CR30 Wilkin Prescribed Management
Wilkin WIA #61 10 (Tile#47) 7.2 miles S of Barnesville on CR52 then 1.3 miles W on CR30 Wilkin Prescribed Management
Wilkin WIA #63 10 (Tile#47) 5.6 miles S of Barnesville on CR52 Wilkin Prescribed Management