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Statewide contamination susceptibility

Ground water contamination susceptibility in Minnesota

In 1989, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency published a statewide evaluation of ground water contamination susceptibility. The assessment used four parameters (aquifer materials, recharge potential, soil materials, and vadose zone materials) to delineate areas of relative susceptibility to ground water contamination. The assessment method used Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The project was published in both poster and report format.

Ground Water Contamination Susceptibility in Minnesota

The contamination susceptibility map was made from digital files available at the time or were digitized from existing published maps. Useable map scale is approximately 1:500,000 or 1 inch = 8 miles. This map is best used as a regional-scale screening aid.

GIS files

The former Land Management Information Center did the original GIS analysis for the project.


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 1989, Ground Water Contamination Susceptibility in Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, (poster). Out of print.

Porcher, Eric, 1989, Ground Water Contamination Susceptibility in Minnesota (revised edition), Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, St. Paul, MN, 29 p. Out of print. Original printed document scanned in 2007 and saved as PDF.
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