Division of Ecological and Water Resources (Waters)

Groundwater Technical Analysis Program


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Conduct studies of groundwater availability and groundwater supply; investigate disputes about use of groundwater.


Groundwater is the source of high-quality drinking water for most of the state's communities. Groundwater is used to irrigate crops, thus increasing the value of land and crops in many parts of the state. The Technical Analysis Program studies the availability and use of groundwater. (Learn more about groundwater.)

When water is pumped from the ground for use, it has to come from somewhere. Water levels in wells may go down, there may be less streamflow, less water available for plants, or lower water levels in wetlands or lakes. This means that other users and other resources may be affected when ground water is used. Program hydrologists assess these impacts and evaluate ways to deal with or lessen them. Our clients are citizens, businesses, local units of government, other state agencies, and other parts of DNR. The Well Sealing Program is part of the Technical Analysis Program.

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Products and Services

Contacting Your Local Area Hydrologist. In all cases, the first step toward resolution of a groundwater use problem will be to contact the DNR area hydrologist. He or she may be able to solve your problem promptly or may decide to contact the Technical Analysis Program. Find your local DNR Waters Office using the link below. You may also contact the program personnel listed here.

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Program Supervisor

Jay Frischman – Groundwater Technical Unit Supervisor

Groundwater Specialists

BJ Bonin, Hydrogeologist 3, St. Paul

Ellen Considine, Hydrogeologist 3, St. Paul

Tom Kresko, Hydrogeologist 3, Slayton

Scot Johnson, Hydrogeologist 3, Lake City
651-345-5601 ext. 245,

Scott Pearson, Hydrogeologist 3, St. Paul

Jennifer Rose, Hydrogeologist 3, Fergus Falls
218-739-7576 ext. 272,

James Vanderwaal, Hydrogeologist 3, Spicer

Michele Walker, Hydrogeologist 3, Bemidji

Program Staff

Keylor Andrews, Hydrologist 2, St. Paul

Glen Champion, Hydrogeologist 3, St. Paul

Danny Cronquist, Hydrogeologist 1, St. Paul

Linse Lahti, Hydrologist 2, St. Paul