Lake related programs

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Division of Waters


  • Shoreland Management Programs - coordinates DNR Waters shoreland-related programs (Shoreland Management, Lake Improvement Districts) with other DNR disciplines, agencies, boards, committees, groups and local government in helping to achieve comprehensive lake and watershed management
  • Public Waters Work Permit Program - regulates water development activities below the ordinary high water level in public waters and public waters wetlands.
  • Lake Hydrology Program - monitors lake levels and maintains Lakes-DB© database.
  • Lake Watershed Mapping Project - identifies watershed boundaries for lakes greater than 100 acres.
  • Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program - administrates financial assistance to protect coastal resources along Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior.
  • Dam Safety Program - ensures that dams in Minnesota are safe, are operated responsibly, and are removed when they become obsolete.

Division of Ecological Resources


  • Aquatic Plant Management Program - protects native vegetation and the aquatic environment from unnecessary harm while allowing lakeshore homeowners to control some aquatic vegetation for water access.

Lake Water Quality