Annual Grant Program

MLSCP’s Annual Grant Program provides grants for low-cost (<$100,000) projects in the following interest areas:

  • Coastal Habitat Protection and Restoration
  • Public Access Improvement
  • Historic Preservation
  • Community and Natural Resources Planning
  • Coastal Education and Training 

Large-scale hard structure erosion control projects; large-scale beach renourishment; infrastructure projects related to road, water and sewer line construction; and improvements to private property or for other private enterprises are not eligible. 

Total funding available in 2014 is approximately $450,000. 

Eligible applicants include:

  • Local units of government, including municipalities, townships and counties within the coastal boundary
  • Area-wide agencies, including county and regional planning agencies
  • State agencies
  • Colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning
  • Coastal community public school districts
  • Conservation districts and port authorities
  • Tribal governments
  • Joint powers boards
  • Sanitary sewer boards
  • Nonprofit organizations

MLSCP requires a minimum match of 50% non-federal funds for all Coastal Habitat Protection and Restoration and Public Access and Historic Preservation grants.  Applications for Community and Natural Resources Planning and Coastal Education and Training grants with up to $20,000 in total project costs may be eligible for a reduced match amount of 25%.

Resources for Applicants and Grantees

Grant Contact Information

Amber Westerbur
Coastal Program Manager