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Description of data created for
The Stearns County Geologic Atlas
DNR Waters, Groundwater Mapping Unit

Data Set Name: CHEMPT

Metadata Entered By: Randy McGregor

Date: 8/9/99

Section 1 Identification Information
Originator Hua Zhang, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources / Division of Waters
Minnesota Clearinghouse ID  
Abstract Wells and surface water locations sampled for water chemistry analysis
Purpose County Geologic Atlas Program: Atlas C-10 Part B
Time Period of Content Date 1995-1996
Currentness Reference Complete
Progress Complete
Maintenance and Update Frequency None planned
Spatial Extent of Data Stearns County, Minnesota
West Bounding Coordinate 33,768  
East Bounding Coordinate 413,548  
North Bounding Coordinate 5,069,979  
South Bounding Coordinate 5,017,551  
Place Keywords Stearns County, Minnesota, Central Minnesota
Theme Keywords Water chemistry, Wells, Ground water, Surface water
Theme Keyword Thesaurus  
Access Constraints None
Use Constraints Users may wish to verify critical information; sources include both the references here and information on file in the offices of the Minnesota Geological Survey and the Department of Natural Resources. Every effort has been made to ensure the interpretation shown conforms to sound geologic and cartographic principles. This map should not be used to establish legal title, boundaries, or locations of improvements.
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Associated Data Sets County Geologic Atlas Program: C-10 Part A, Produced by the Minnesota Geological Survey
Section 2 Data Quality Information
Attribute Accuracy  
Logical Consistency Data are topologically correct using ARC/INFO 7.1.1
Completeness Complete
Horizontal Positional Accuracy NA
Vertical Positional Accuracy NA
Lineage Hua Zhang, the project hydrogeologist, selected several wells from the County Well Index (CWI), and some surface water points, and had them sampled by the geology lab at the University of Minnesota for chemical analysis. Wells were chosen based on reliability of geologic information, regional distribution, and well accessibility.

The results were recorded in an Excel file, which was made into an ARCINFO coverage by the following method:

1) Two comma separated value files were made, one with just the unique number, x, and y coordinates, and one with all other fields plus the unique number.

2) The comma separated value file with the unique number, x and y coordinates was converted into a point coverage in ARCINFO using the arc command, 'generate.'

3) The other comma separated value file was converted into an INFO file.

4) The ARC command 'joinitem' added the INFO file to the point attribute table of the coverage using the unique number as the relate item.

Source Scale Denominator N.A.
Section 3 Spatial Data Organization Information
Native Data Set Environment ARC/INFO 7.1.1
Geographic Reference for Tabular Data  
Spatial Object Type Vector
Vendor Specific Object Types Point
Tiling Scheme County
Section 4 Spatial Reference Information
Horizontal Coordinate Scheme UTM
Ellipsoid GRS 1980
Horizontal Datum NAD83
Horizontal Units N.A.
Altitude Datum N.A.
Altitude Units N.A.
Depth Datum N.A.
Depth Units N.A.
Cell Width N.A.
Cell Height N.A.
UTM Zone Number 15
Coordinate Offsets or Adjustments None
Distance Resolution  
Section 5 Entity and Attribute Information
Entity and Attribute Overview  
Entity and Attribute Detailed Citation  
Table Name Field Name Begin Column Definition Valid Values Description 
chempt.pat         Point Attribute Table
  UNNUM   6,6,i   Unique number as a number
  UNNUMC   8,8,c   Unique number as a character
  UTMX   7,7,i   UTM Easting (x coordinate)
  UTMY   9,9,i   UTM Northing (y coordinate)
  T-R-S-SS   16,16,c   Township, range,section,sub-section.

Note on sub-section descriptions:

Upper case letters after the section number indicate the location within the section; the first letter denotes the 160 acre (quater-section) tract; the second, the 40 acre tract; the third, the 10 acre tract, continuing by quarterly divisions of each tract to a progressively finer resolution. 

The letters A,B,C,D are assigned in a counterclockwise direction, beginning in the northeast corner of each tract.

The number of upper case letters indicates the accuracy of the location description

  SAMPLED   8,8,d   Date sampled
  USE   2,2,c   Well use
        CO Commercial
        DO Domestic
  AQUIFER   4,4,c   MGS four-letter code for the aquifer from which the well draws water
        KREG Cretaceous Regolith
        KRET Cretaceous Undifferentiated
        Lake Lake
        PASR Sauk Rapids Meta. Complex
        PCCR Precambrian Crystalline Rocks
        QBAA Quaternary Buried Artesian Aquifer
        QUUU Pleistocene Undifferentiated
        QWTA Quaternary Water Table Aquifer
  LUNT   4,4,c   Lowest geologic unit reached by the well
        KREG, KRET,...too many to list See mgscode list  for a description of MGS four-letter codes.
  DEPTH   3,3,i   Well depth in feet
  D2BR   4,4,i   Depth to bedrock in feet
  ELEV   4,4,i   Surface elevation in feet
  SWEL   4,4,i   Static water level elevation in feet
  DATE_DRILLED   6,6,i   Date the well was drilled
  HIST_DTW   5,5,n,0   Historic depth to water in feet, measured when the well was drilled.
  MIN_CASING   1,1,c   Minimum casing diameter in inches
  TEMP(C)   6,6,n,1   Temperature of the well water in celsius
  PH   6,6,n,2   Acidity/Alkalinity
  COND(MICROMHOS)   4,4,i   Conductivity in micromhos.
  REDOX(MV)   5,5,n,0   Reduction oxidation potential in millivolts
  DO(PPM)   4,4,c   Dissolved oxygen in ppm
  CA   6,6,n,1   Calcium in ppm
  MG   7,7,n,2   Magnesium in ppm
  NA   7,7,n,2   Sodium in ppm
  K   6,6,n,2   Potassium in ppm
  AL   6,6,c   Aluminum in ppm
  FE   5,5,c   Iron in ppm
  MN   6,6,c   Manganese in ppm
  SR   6,6,n,3   Strontium in ppm
  BA   6,6,n,3   Barium in ppm
  SI   6,6,n,2   Silica in ppm
  HCO3   3,3,i   Bicarbonate anion in ppm
  CL   7,7,n,2   Chlorine in ppm
  BR   6,6,c   Bromide in ppm
  NO2-N   6,6,c   Nitrite expressed as nitrogen in ppm
  NO3-N   6,6,c   Nitrate expressed as nitrogen in ppm
  SO4   6,6,c   Sulfate in ppm
  PO4-P   6,6,c   Phosphate in ppm
  TOTAL_P   6,6,c   Total phosphorus in ppm
  F   5,5,n   Fluoride in ppm
  ALK(AS_CACO3)   3,3,i   Alkalinity expressed as calcium carbonate in ppm
  TDS   4,4,i   Total dissolved solids in ppm
  CATIONS(MEQ/KG)   6,6,n,2   Cations in milliequivalents / kilogram
  ANIONS(MEQ/KG)   6,6,n,2   Anions in milliequivalents / kilogram
  PERCDIFF   6,6,n,2   Percent differencE between cations and anions:
Cations - anions / 100
  TRITIUM(TU)   4,4,c   Tritium in tritium units
  D180   6,6,n,1   Oxygen-18 per mil
  D2H   5,5,n,0   Deuterium per mil
  D13C   6,6,n,1   Carbon 13 per mil
  14C   8,8,n,3   Percent modern carbon in solution
  CORR_14C   8,8,n,3   Corrected percent modern carbon.
See Summary of Ground-Water Chemistry insert in part B of Stearns County Geologic Atlas for more detailed information.
  AGE   6,6,c   Age in years before present 
Section 6 Distribution Information
Publisher Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Publication Date 1999
Online Linkage  
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Distribution Liability This map was prepared from publicly available information only. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the factual data on which this map is based. However, the Department of Natural Resources does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or any implied uses of these data.

Users may wish to verify critical information; sources include both the references here and information on file in the offices of the Minnesota Geological Survey and the Department of Natural Resources. Every effort has been made to ensure the interpretation shown conforms to sound geologic and cartographic principles. This map should not be used to establish legal title, boundaries, or locations of improvements.

Transfer Format Name ARC/INFO, ArcExport, INFO
Transfer Format Version Number 7.1.1
Transfer Size  
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Section 7 Metadata Reference Information
Metadata Date  
Metadata Contact Person Randy McGregor
Metadata Contact Organization Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Metadata Contact Position GIS Specialist
Metadata Contact Address 500 Lafayette Road
Metadata Contact City St. Paul
Metadata Contact State or Province MN
Metadata Contact Postal Code 55155 - 4032
Metadata Contact Voice Phone (651) 297 - 4591
Metadata Contact Fax Phone (651) 296 - 0445
Metadata Contact
E-mail Address
Metadata Standard Name Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines
Metadata Standard Version 1.0.4
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