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Description of data created for
The Stearns County Geologic Atlas
DNR Waters, Groundwater Mapping Unit

Data Set Name: CWIPT

Metadata Entered By:Randy McGregor

Date: 8/9/99

Section 1 Identification Information
Originator Hua Zhang, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources / Division of Waters
Minnesota Clearinghouse ID  
Abstract ARC/INFO point coverage of County Well Index (CWI) data for Stearns County.

NOTE: This data was downloaded from the MGS' CWI database and converted to an ARC/INFO coverage in 1995. It is included as part of the metadata for the Stearns County Geologic Atlas, Part B, but those who would like to use CWI data should consider accessing the database directly. It is updated regularly by the MGS and most likely contains more recent data than that used for this study.

These data were used for contouring of the water table and potentiometric surface for Plates 8 (Water Table Hydrogeology) and 9 (Hydrogeology of the Quaternary Confined Aquifers and Bedrock Aquifers).

For information about the MGS' CWI database:

Purpose County Geologic Atlas Program: Atlas C-10 Part B
Time Period of Content Date 1995 - 1996
Currentness Reference Complete
Progress Complete
Maintenance and Update Frequency None, CWI at MGS may contain more up-to-date data
Spatial Extent of Data Stearns County, Minnesota
West Bounding Coordinate 333,604  
East Bounding Coordinate 417,665  
North Bounding Coordinate 5,070,779  
South Bounding Coordinate 5,015,311  
Place Keywords Stearns County, Minnesota
Theme Keywords County Well Index
Theme Keyword Thesaurus  
Access Constraints None
Use Constraints Users may wish to verify critical information; sources include both the references here and information on file in the offices of the Minnesota Geological Survey and the Department of Natural Resources. Every effort has been made to ensure the interpretation shown conforms to sound geologic and cartographic principles. This map should not be used to establish legal title, boundaries, or locations of improvements.
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Associated Data Sets County Geologic Atlas Program: C-10 Part A, Produced by the Minnesota Geological Survey
Section 2 Data Quality Information
Attribute Accuracy  
Logical Consistency Data are topologically correct using ARC/INFO 7.1.1
Horizontal Positional Accuracy NA
Vertical Positional Accuracy NA
Lineage This ARC/INFO point coverage was made from an EXCEL file of CWI data that Hua Zhang downloaded in 1995. Only CWI wells that had UTM coordinates were used.The exact process of the conversion was into a point coverage was not recorded, but probably involved the creation of a .csv file converted into a point coverage with the ARC command, 'generate.'

This data is probably out of date. Users who would like to use CWI data should contact the MGS directly for more up to date data:

Source Scale Denominator  
Section 3 Spatial Data Organization Information
Native Data Set Environment ARC/INFO 7.1.1
Geographic Reference for Tabular Data  
Spatial Object Type Vector
Vendor Specific Object Types Point
Tiling Scheme County
Section 4 Spatial Reference Information
Horizontal Coordi651te Scheme UTM
Ellipsoid GRS 1980
Horizontal Datum NAD83
Horizontal Units N.A.
Altitude Datum N.A.
Altitude Units N.A.
Depth Datum N.A.
Depth Units N.A.
Cell Width N.A.
Cell Height N.A.
UTM Zone Number 15
Coordinate Offsets or Adjustments None
Distance Resolution N.A.
Section 5 Entity and Attribute Information
Entity and Attribute Overview  
Entity and Attribute Detailed Citation  
Table Name Field Name Begin Column Definition Valid Values Description 
cwipt.pat         Point Attribute Table
  UNNUM   6,6,i   Unique number
  UTMX   7,7,i   UTM Easting (x coordinate)
  UTMY   9,9,i   UTM Northing (y coordinate)
  TOWNSHIP   8,12,f,0   Township
  RANGE   8,9,f,0   Range
  SECTION   8,10,f,0   Section
  SUB_SECTIO   13,13,c   Sub section code. 
  ELEVATION   8,12,f,0   Surface elevation in feet
  CODE   6,6,c   Minnesota Geological Survey ID for USGS 1:24k topo quad
  USE       Well use code
        AB Abandoned
        CO Commercial
        DO Domestic
        IN Industrial
        IR Irrigation
        MU Municipal
        OB Observation well
        OT Other
        PS Public supply / non-community
        TW Test well
        UN Unknown
  STATUS       Current activity status of the well:
        A Active
        I Inactive
        S Sealed
        T Temporarily sealed
        U Unknown
  WELL_DEPTH   8,15,f,0   Well depth in feet
  MIN_CASING   8,13,f,0   Minimum diameter of well casing in inches
  AQUIFER_CO   13,13,c   MGS aquifer code
        KREG Cretaceous Regolith
        KRET Cretaceous Undifferentiated
        MTPL Multiple Aquifer
        PASR Sauk Rapids Meta. Complex
        PCCR Precambrian Crystalline Rocks
        PCUU Precambrian, Undifferentiated
        PEGU E. Protoerozoic Granite Pluton
        PERF Reformatory Granite
        QBAA Quaternary Buried Artesian Aquifer
        QBUA Quaternary Buried Unconfined Aquifer
        QUUU Pleistocene Undifferentiated
        QWTA Quaternary Water Table Aquifer
  OHT   7,7,c KREG, KRET,...too many to list MGS stratigraphic code for the geologic unit at the top of the open hole (non-cased portion) of the well.

See 'mgscode.wpd' for a description of mgs codes.

  OHB   7,7,c KREG, KRET,...too many to list. MGS stratigraphic code for the geologic unit at the bottom of the open hole (non-cased portion) of the well

See mgscode list for a description of mgs codes.

  DEP_BDROCK   8,15,f   Depth to bedrock in feet
  FRST_BEDR   13,13,c   First bedrock
  DATE_DRILL   8,13,f,0   Date the well was drilled
  SWEL_HIST   8,13,f,0   Historic static water level elevation
  SWEL_DATE   8,13,f,0   Date static water level was taken
  D2W   4,4,i   Depth to water in feet
  FM   1,1,c 'y' or 'n' 'y' means checked by DNR staff for static water level elevation.

'n' means not checked by DNR staff for static water level elevation.

Section 6 Distribution Information
Publisher Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Publication Date 1999
Online Linkage  
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Distributor's Data Set Identifier   
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Transfer Format Name ARC/INFO, ArcExport, INFO
Transfer Format Version Number 7.1.1
Transfer Size  
Ordering Instructions Download Arc/INFO export file or ARCVIEW shapefile from Stearns County Geologic Atlas, Part B: Metadata for GIS and Digital Data
Section 7 Metadata Reference Information
Metadata Date  
Metadata Contact Person Randy McGregor
Metadata Contact Organization Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Metadata Contact Position GIS Specialist
Metadata Contact Address 500 Lafayette Road
Metadata Contact City St. Paul
Metadata Contact State or Province MN
Metadata Contact Postal Code 55155 - 4032
Metadata Contact Voice Phone (651) 297 - 4591
Metadata Contact Fax Phone (651) 296 - 0445
Metadata Contact
E-mail Address
Metadata Standard Name Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines
Metadata Standard Version 1.0.4
Metadata Standard Online Linkage