Traverse-Grant Regional Hydrogeologic Assessment

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Number: RHA-6

Included Counties: Pope and Stevens
Parts of: Big Stone, Douglas, Grant, Traverse

Published in two parts:


Part A - Geology


Date: 2006

Scale: 1:200,000

Publisher: Minnesota Geological Survey


  • Plate 1 - Surficial geology
  • Plate 2 - Quaternary stratigraphy

For more information: MGS County Geologic Atlas Program external link


Part B - Hydrogeology


Date: 2008

Scale: 1:200,000

Publisher: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Ecological and Water Resources


  • Plate 3 - Hydrogeology of the Surficial and Buried Aquifers
  • Plate 4 - Depth and Thickness of Buried Aquifers
  • Plate 5 - Hydrogeologic Cross Sections
  • Plate 6 - Sensitivity to Pollution of the Buried Aquifers