FEMA Forms and Technical Bulletins

Forms Needed to Request Changes to FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs)

LOMA = Letter of Map Amendment

  • MT-EZ Form
    Use for Single Lot LOMA; NO FILL involved
  • MT-1 Forms
    Use for: (1) Multi-Lot LOMAs, & (2) LOMR-F (Letters of Map Revision based on FILL)
  • MT-2 Forms
    Use for changes to FIRMs based on better data (i.e., updated hydrology or topography) or changes to the BFE or floodway (i.e., due to projects like bridges/culverts, flood control levees, etc.)
  • Other versions of these forms (including fillable versions) are also available.

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Technical Bulletins Available from FEMA

As of March 1998, the following FEMA Technical Bulletins are available. (Only those applicable to Minnesota are included):

Other FEMA Forms (Elevation & Flood Proofing Certificate)

  • FEMA Elevation Certificates
    Use this form to document the surveyed elevations on a property (i.e., lowest floor, lowest adjacent grade, etc.). This form is required for most map appeals to FEMA (i.e., LOMAs - Letter of Map Amendment; LOMR-F - Letter of Map Revision based on Fill) and by many communities to verify structures have been built as permitted/proposed (for "as-built" elevations).
  • FEMA Flood Proofing Certificate