Shoreland Rules Update Project

Summer 2010

Draft Shoreland Rules Not Approved by Governor

On August 11th Governor Tim Pawlenty returned the draft shoreland conservation rules to the DNR for further engagement and discussion, especially with the 2011 Legislature. The Governor's letter noted that many of the draft rule provisions can be implemented by local units of government in the absence of formal rulemaking by the DNR, and he encouraged the DNR and all local units of government to work together in areas where additional regulations will achieve desired goals.

For additional information, see the August 2010 This is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it. shoreland rules update project newsletter.


The 2007 Minnesota Legislature directed the DNR to commence rulemaking to update the statewide minimum shoreland development standards. Local government units (counties, cities, and towns) are responsible for the implementation, administration, and enforcement of shoreland management standards through their planning and zoning controls. The shoreland rules were last revised in 1989. See: Shoreland Management: How did it all get started? This is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it.

cover of the mcvIn addition, the DNR published an updated Request for Comments This is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it. to consider incorporating the rules governing Minnesota's Wild, Scenic, and Recreational Rivers into the shoreland rules.

For more background, see Minding our Shores, written by Mary Hoff for the May-June 2010 Minnesota Conservation Volunteer.

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Open House Meetings in June 2008

Open house meetings were scheduled around the state to share information about the shoreland rules update project and shoreland management in general. These meetings were intended to provide information about the rule revision process, how to get involved, what the existing rules cover, and what are the potential areas that could be included in the rule revision. Although these open houses provided information about the shoreland rules update project, they also provided information from other entities (local governments, SWCDs, etc.) that have a role in shoreland management or relate to it.

Locations and Dates of June 2008 Open Houses


The format of these meetings allowed individual conversations on diverse shoreland topics. The statewide shoreland rules are a part of a broader shoreland management effort. These meetings encouraged a more robust discussion on shoreland management as a whole. The meetings included a series of tables or information stations on educational materials, projects, and upcoming events related to shoreland management. Topics include water quality, shoreland stewardship, vegetation management, conservation, and fish and wildlife habitat.

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