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Minnesota's Water Trail system includes 30 rivers and the north shore of Lake Superior. There is a Water Trail within a 1-2 hour drive from most locations in the state. We encourage you to explore all of our fantastic water trails! Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Day Trips from the Metro Area

Foggy day on the Cannon River.

Cannon River

St. Croix River

Crow River (North Fork)

Rum River

Heron in shallows of the Mississippi River.

Mississippi River


Weekend Overnight Trips

River bank bluff along the Root River.

St. Croix River

Root River

Zumbro River


Whitewater Rivers (experienced whitewater paddlers only)

Kettle River

Through Banning State Park 16 miles with class II to IV rapids. The 7 miles through St. Croix State Park have class I-II.


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Whitewater kayakers in rapids of the St. Louis River.

St. Louis River

Scanlon to Thomson Reservoir 5 miles of Class II-III rapids. The 7 mile section through Jay Cooke State Park is class II-VI (kayaks recommended).


Snake River

Near Mcgrath 13 miles of class II-III rapids. The 13 miles from Pine City to the St. Croix River has Class I-II rapids.

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Vermilion River

Has 39 miles of scattered I-VI rapids.

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