Add Map Services to WHAF Map

Additional data can be added to the Watershed Health Assessment Framework mapping application if the data has been published as a REST web service.  A sample list of services is available for your use. Other publicly available map services may also be added.  Some data may not display at all scales, the user may need to zoom in and out to view. 


Select the URL for the REST web service

Right click, select "copy link location"

Open the WHAF "EXPLORE" map,

Select the "Add Features" tab at the top left,

Select "Add data from Web" from the drop down menu,

Click arrow to display input box,

Paste (CtrlV) the URL into the field "Enter REST url here" 

Type a "Layer Name" if that field does not fill automatically

Click "Add" to make the layer available in the table of contents.


Adding web services


(Disclaimer:  The MN DNR is not responsible for the accuracy or interpretation of any data accessed through online map services.) 

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