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Whitewater Valley IBA

Greenwinged teal pair

The Whitewater Valley IBA covers over 46,000 acres and is an ecological gem in southeastern Minnesota. A total of 242 species use the valley for migration and breeding including 25 species of waterfowl, 22 species of shorebirds, 31 species of warblers and 17 species of sparrows. Sandhill cranes and Bald eagles nest within the area, and more than 100 Bald eagles use the valley as a migration stop-over site or winter roost site. Red-shouldered hawk, Cerulean warbler, Acadian flycatcher and Louisiana waterthrush are species of concern that have been recorded in this IBA.

The valley is located in Winona County in southeastern Minnesota about 25 miles east of Rochester. Whitewater State Park is located 8 miles north of St. Charles on MN Highway 74 and the Wildlife Area office is a few miles north of the park. The northern border of the valley is located at the junction of 74 and US Highway 61 at the town of Weaver.