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Video public service announcements (for television)

Audio public service announcements (for radio)

Title Suggested play dates MP3 Scripts
You get the bill April-June 2004 .mp3 .pdf
Kids & fire April-July 2004 .mp3 .pdf
Homeowner safety April-July 2004 .mp3 .pdf
Campfire safety May-September 2004 .mp3 .pdf
ATV muffler fires May-June 2004 .mp3 .pdf
Fireworks June-July 2004 .mp3 .pdf
Keeping your grass green August 2004 .mp3 .pdf
Smokey's birthday party preparation August 2004 .mp3 .pdf
Equipment fires September 2004 .mp3 .pdf

News releases

Title Suggested release dates MS Word PDF
What a job April 2004 .doc .pdf
Leading wildfire causes April-May 2004 .doc .pdf
Smokey through the years April-October 2004 .doc .pdf
Campfires May-August 2004 .doc .pdf
Safeguarding your home from wildfire April-November 2004 .doc .pdf
Who put THE in Smokey Bear? July 2004 .doc .pdf
Smokey's 60th - August 9, 2004 August 2004 .doc .pdf

Short announcements (for radio and stadium announcers)

  1. We're celebrating Smokey Bear's 60th Birthday in 2004. We urge all of you to be careful when using fire at home or when you're out in the woods.
  2. Smokey Bear has been asking for your help in preventing wildfires for the past 60 years and he still needs your help. Be careful with fire. Happy Birthday Smokey!
  3. August 9th is Smokey Bear's 60th Birthday. Let's all help Smokey by making sure we put out our campfires. Happy Birthday Smokey!
  4. Smokey Bear turns 60 this year. Let's give a big round of applause to Smokey for 60 years of preventing wildfires.

Living with Fire tabloid.

Newspaper supplement (Living with Fire tabloid)


Contact Amy Beyer (amy.beyer@state.mn.us) for artwork.

For posting April-May 2004
Billboard image: Spring burning checklist - permit, weather, tools.

For posting July-August 2004
Billboard image: Smokey's 60th birthday.

For posting September-November 2004
Billboard image: Hunters please be careful with matches.
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