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Caribou WMA

County: Kittson
Nearest Town: Lancaster
Area: 13,659 ac

Directions: From Lancaster, go 6 miles E and 4 miles N and 1 miles E on CSAH 4 then 2 miles N on CO RD 51 then 2 miles E on TWP RD.

Description: This 13,000+-acre unit is a prime example of the Aspen Parkland Landscape in NW Minnesota. Aspen parklands are characterized by open terrain that contains wet and mesic prairie, sedge meadow, thickets of brush, and scattered groves of aspen.

This is a very diverse native vegetation area that offers a wide selection of opportunities. Timely bird watching will produce a long list of species native to NW Minnesota. A wide variety of prairie and brush land plants can be found.

The open aspect of the aspen parkland will be maintained through management. Frequent prescribed burns will be conducted to try to duplicate the actions of the past. 21 dugouts have been dug to provide open water for waterfowl and other wildlife species.

Elk are year-round residents of this unit. There is a wide-ranging elk herd in this area, and you may occasionally be able to spot them on this WMA. In September and October, elk can be spotted in openings, especially at dawn and dusk. The WMA is open

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