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Whitewater WMA

County: Winona
Nearest Town: Elba
Area: 21,012 ac

Directions: The Whitewater Wildlife Management Area office is located 2 miles north of Elba, Minnesota, on State Highway 74.

Restrictions: There is a 2,300 acre State Game Refuge inside the Whitewater WMA. It is closed to deer hunting and waterfowl hunting. It is however, open to small game hunting, wild turkey hunting, and trapping by permit from the Wildlife Area Manager.

Description: Mixed hardwoods of oak, hickory, maple, basswood and walnut cover the steep hillsides of this wildlife area. Bluff prairies dot south-facing slopes while trout streams dissect the valley floor. Seventeen man-made and natural wetlands dapple the valley.

Recreation is dominated by hunting and fishing while wetlands, forest and grassland communities grant wildlife watchers the chance to see sandhill cranes, ducks, geese, swans, black terns, eagles and otter.

Management emphasis is to maintain a rich, diverse interspersion of numerous communities throughout the wildlife area. Commercial timber sales, prescribed burning, water level manipulation, food plot and nesting cover development practices are utilized.

There is a wheelchair accessible duck hunting blind located on the dike of Dorer Pool Number One within the WWMA.

At this scale, these WMA boundaries are general, and do not accurately represent the actual legal boundaries. WMA users still need to verify public lands boundaries by observing boundary signs and contacting local DNR Wildlife offices.