Bear Facts Answers

Bear Facts Answers

1. What kinds of bears live in Minnesota?

B. Minnesota has more than 23,000 black bears.  Some are brown, but all are the same species. Grizzlies lived in Minnesota until the late 1800s.

2. What usually kills bears in Minnesota?

B. People kill most bears.  Few bears die during hibernation. Some very thin bears will leave the den in the spring. Cubs are sometimes killed by other bears and possibly wolves.

3. When are black bears most active?

C. Bears usually rest at night. People see bears more often in evening because bears only dare to visit campsites, homes, and dumps in the dark.

4. When will a black bear attack a person?

E. Black bears rarely attack people. When they see someone, they may slap the ground, woof, and even run toward the person but turn away at the last minute (called a bluff charge). Bears usually will not make contact unless a person does something foolish like pick up a cub. Black bears will not attack if you try to scare them away from your house or campsite, even if you hit them with a rock.Wounds alone will not cause them to attack people.