Buffalo Quiz

 Test your buffalo knowledge. If you don't know an answer, review Buffalo are Back!

1. Where do most buffalo live today?

    A. In parks and refuges.
    B. On ranches and farms.
    C. Roaming free, wherever they want to.

2. Which of the following senses is least important to a buffalo in detecting danger?

    A. Sight.
    B. Hearing.
    C. Smell.

3. A buffalo stores water in its hump the way a camel does.

    A. True.
    B. False.

4. Buffalo roll in the dust and mud to protect themselves from insects.

    A. True.
    B. False.

5. What do buffalo use their tail for?

    A. To chase away insects.
    B. To communicate.
    C. Both a and b.


Where Buffalo Roamed

Can you think of any Minnesota places named for the buffalo that once lived there?

  • Buffalo Lake is 35 miles northwest of Minneapolis. On its shore is the town of Buffalo.
  • Buffalo River runs near Moorhead and through Buffalo River State Park.
  • Buffalo Creek runs south of Hutchinson. Nearby is the small town of Buffalo Lake.
  • Buffalo Ridge is a long, high hill east of Pipestone.