Squirrel Quiz

If you don't know the answers review Shadow Tails


1. Why does a squirrel call kuk, kuk, kuk and flick its tail in the air?

  1. To say hello to other squirrels.
  2. To warn other squirrels that a predator is nearby.
  3. To scare away a predator.
  4. All of the above reasons.

2. Where do squirrels stash food?

  1. In holes in the ground.
  2. In the attic of a house.
  3. Inside a hollow tree.
  4. All of the above places.

3. Name two reasons a squirrel twitches its tail.

  1. To dry out.
  2. To show it's upset.
  3. To show it's happy.
  4. To get rid of fleas.

4 . How do squirrels survive cold winter weather?

  1. They stay in warm dens or nests on the coldest days.
  2. Like bears, they hibernate.
  3. In the fall they migrate south to warmer places.
  4. They stay inside their nests all of the time.