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Image of fishing birds.

Minnesota's Wild Anglers

by Michael A. Kallok

Meet seven Minnesota critters that dive after, scoop up,
stalk, ambush, and chase fish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Have you ever watched a loon dive into a lake or a heron walking in shallow water along shore? Perhaps you've gazed up at an osprey soaring over the water. Along a river, you might have caught a glimpse of a river otter.

What were these animals doing? They were probably fishing. Like people who fish, these wild anglers know Minnesota's lakes and rivers are good places to fish. They are all really good at finding and catching fish.

When you go fishing, you use a fishing pole or a rod and reel. Minnesota's wild anglers rely on their natural abilities and adapted traits such as sharp talons and bills to catch a meal. Some can swim fast, using webbed feet. Some can soar through the air and dive with incredible speed. Some prefer to fish alone, and others work well as a team.

Wherever fish live, chances are good that Minnesota's wild anglers are nearby.

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