Leader of the Pack Quiz

young red foxes

Match each word with its definition. If you don't know the answers, review Wild Dogs

  • female fox
  • meat eater
  • group of wolves
  • member of dog family
  • leader of wolf pack
  • young coyote
  • wild dog house
  • young fox
  • where an animal roams and hunts 
  • pup
  • canine
  • territory
  • carnivore
  • pack
  • vixen
  • kit
  • alpha
  • den


Wild Dogs Up Close

See wolves at the International Wolf Center in Ely. Displays tell the story of the wolf in the wild and in literature. Naturalists show you how to track wolves by radio and let you handle wolf skins and skulls.

fox kits at play

See wolves and red foxes at the Wildlife Science Center near Forest Lake.

At the Minnesota Zoo, see red and gray foxes, as well as Mexican wolves and arctic foxes.

St. Paul's Como Zoo has several wolves in an outdoor enclosure.