Late season CWD hunt

Hunters living outside CWD zone asked to quarter deer

Results from the laboratory DNR uses to test samples for CWD will be delayed because diagnostic kits are on backorder from the manufacturer.

Test results in other states have been delayed because of this kit shortage. Minnesota now is impacted, too.

DNR can't guarantee a 3-5 business day turnaround for test results from deer taken in the special hunt. While results still will be reported to hunters, it may take up to two weeks for results to be available.

Hunters traveling to the special hunt who don't live in the disease management zone are strongly encouraged to quarter their deer prior to leaving the CWD zone. DNR will have tables and dumpsters available at the Preston and Forestville sampling locations to make this easier to accomplish.

Hunters from outside the zone should bring coolers and plan on taking care of their deer at one of those stations if they plan on leaving the zone prior to testing as carcass export restrictions remain in place.

Map showing boundaries for the Jan. 6-14, 2018, late season deer hunt in southeast Minnesota.
Click the hunt area map to download a PDF with complete detail

Hunt rules

  • Hunt dates are Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018, through Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018.
  • Deer may be taken in an approximate 10-mile radius surrounding the new discoveries. That area includes all of deer permit area 603 as well as the portion of permit area 345 south of Interstate 90, the southern portion of permit area 347 and the northern portion of permit area 348. Download a PDF map.
  • Participants still may quarter their deer. Properly quartering your deer allows you to take the meat home immediately. But lab kits now are available so test results will be available sooner than expected:
    • Results for deer sampled on Jan. 8-9 will be available by Tuesday, Jan. 16
    • Results for deer sampled Jan. 11-14 will be available by Friday, Jan. 19
  • Hunt is open to residents and non-residents.
  • There is no bag limit, the antler point restriction will be eliminated in this area and cross-tagging (party hunting) will be allowed.
  • Hunters can use any unfilled 2017 license or purchase disease management tags for $2.50. You do not need a deer license to purchase a disease management tag. These tags are valid for either sex deer.
  • Legal firearms are shotguns, muzzleloader or crossbows using either a firearm or muzzleloader license. Archery equipment must be used if the person is hunting with an archery license. Centerfire rifles are not allowed.
  • Hunters must plan ahead. Private land makes up most of the area and hunters must have landowner permission. Public land in the area likely will be crowded.
  • Hunting opportunities will be limited and available only by permit at Forestville State Park and Pin Oak Prairie Scientific and Natural Area.
  • Special permits needed

    Forestville State Park and Pin Oak Prairie Scientific and Natural Area will both be open to limited deer hunting during the special hunt. Permits will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis starting at noon on Monday, Dec. 18.

    You must have a filled or unfilled 2017 firearm or muzzleloader license to obtain a permit.

    There is no group application for these hunts. Permits can be obtained online or wherever DNR licenses are sold. DNR does not charge a fee for these permits. Once on sale, availability will be limited.

    The same hunt rules as described for permit area 603 apply to these areas. Successful hunters can use any unfilled tag, or purchase disease management permits for $2.50.

    Specific hunt numbers and dates are:

    • 801: Forestville State Park, Jan. 6-9, 2018
    • 802: Forestville State Park, Jan. 10-14, 2018
    • 803: Pin Oak Prairie SNA, Jan. 6-9, 2018
    • 804: Pin Oak Prairie SNA, Jan. 10- 14, 2018

    The Cherry Grove Blind Valley SNA, which adjoins the Cherry Grove Wildlife Management Area, also is open to deer hunting and no special permit is required.

  • Within 24 hours of harvest, each deer must be taken to one of four stations where DNR staff will register the deer and collect lymph node tissue for CWD testing. All electronic registration will be turned off.
  • Registration stations will be staffed 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily during the season in:
    • Chatfield – Magnum Sports, 20 Main St. S.
    • Preston – Preston Forestry office, 912 Houston St.
    • Forestville State Park
    • Rushford – Pam's Corner Convenience, which is located at the intersection of Minnesota highways 16 and 43.
  • Submission of a CWD sample is mandatory.
  • All deer will be tagged by DNR staff. Fawns will be allowed to leave the zone.
  • Carcasses from adult deer must remain in the zone until a "not detected" test is reported.
  • Prior to receiving test results, hunters are encouraged to properly quarter their deer and bone-out meat but the head, spinal column and all brain material must remain in the area until the animal's test results show a not-detected status.
  • Designated dumpsters where hunters can dispose of carcasses and parts will be available in Preston and Forestville.
  • A refrigerated trailer will be available in Preston for temporary storage of the entire carcass if hunters choose to wait for the test result before processing their deer. After receiving a not-detected test result for the deer, the hunter can take the entire deer out of the area.
  • Hunters also need to be aware that the area's two deer processors – R Four Meats in Chatfield and Litscher's Processing in Rushford – will only process limited numbers of deer during the special hunt.
  • Test results can be checked on the DNR website or by calling the DNR Information Center at 888-646-6367.