PILT Report Commissioners' Advisory Group

In 2011, the Minnesota Legislature passed a law that required a report on payment in lieu of taxes for state natural resource lands. The law provides:

In 2012, the commissioner of natural resources, in cooperation with the commissioners of revenue and management and budget, and stakeholders, including representatives from affected local units of government and other interested parties, shall report to the chairs and ranking minority caucus members of the senate and house of representatives natural resources and tax policy and finance committees with recommended changes to payment in lieu of taxes for natural resource lands under Minnesota Statutes, sections 97A.061 and 477A.11 to 477A.145. The report shall include an analysis of the current payment and distribution system and any recommended changes to:

  1. The purpose of the payment system and the criteria for payments;
  2. The rate of payments for specific classes of natural resource lands;
  3. The adequacy of current funding for payments and the impact of additional land acquisition on the funding;
  4. Alternative methods of reimbursing local units of governments for state natural resource lands; and
  5. The formula for distribution of the payments to local units of government.

2011 Minn. Laws 1st Special Session, ch. 2, art. 4, sec. 35

An advisory group, comprised of representatives of the Departments of Natural Resources, Revenue and Management and Budget, local units of government and other stakeholders as well as persons with knowledge and expertise about PILT, has been formed for the purpose of providing input to the Commissioners of Natural Resources, Revenue and Management and Budget about the factors to be included in the report. A Technical Work Group, comprised of agency, legislative and stakeholder organization staff, provides background information and analysis to the Advisory Group.

Advisory Group Members

County Commissioners:
Duane Bakke (Fillmore County)
Todd Beckel (Lake of the Woods County)
Bob Fox (Renville County)
Rich Sve (Lake County)

State Agency Representatives:
Mike Roelofs (MN Management & Budget)
Dave Schad (Dept. of Natural Resources)
Susan Von Mosch (Department of Revenue)

Township Representatives:
Jill Hall (New Solum Township Clerk)
Kermit McRae (Caledonia Township Supervisor)
Mike Hoops (Silver Creek Township, Lake County)

Other subject matter experts:
Keith Carlson (Minnesota Inter-County Assn)
Brian Connors (Itasca County Assessor)
Gene Merriam (former State Senator and Commissioner of Natural Resources)
Ron Nargang (former Deputy Commissioner of Natural Resources)

For additional information, contact:

Susan Damon
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Division of Lands and Minerals
[email protected]

Technical Work Group

Bob Meier (Department of Natural Resources)
Susan Damon (Department of Natural Resources)
John Hagen (Department of Revenue)
Judy Grew (Department of Management and Budget)
Mary Robison (Department of Management and Budget)
Greg Knopff (Minnesota Senate)
Annalee Garletz (Association of Minnesota Counties)
Kent Sulem (Association of Minnesota Townships)
John Ongaro (St. Louis County)
Henry Erdman (St. Louis County)