Eligible applicants

To be eligible for the Angler and Hunter Recruitment and Retention Grants, Round 3, the group:

  1. Must have a mission or educational purpose that supports hunter and angler recruitment and retention
  2. Must complete the grant agreement contract by Friday, June 30, 2017
  3. Must complete all work related to the grant by Saturday, June 30, 2018
  4. Must only use grant funds for the delivery of programs within the state of Minnesota
  5. Must provide proof of insurance coverage for the duration of the project to the Department prior to full execution of grant agreement

Applicants who do not meet these criteria are not eligible.

Eligible projects

The funding priority for Round 3 of grants is angler and hunter recruitment and retention programs that target underserved audiences, new immigrant populations and have an ongoing impact, rather than one-time events.

Eligible projects provide innovative angler and hunter recruitment and retention programs. Examples of eligible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Hunter recruitment and retention projects that support the 2015 MN Pheasant Summit Action Plan
  • Hunter recruitment and retention projects that support the 2006 MN DNR Duck Plan
  • Learn to Hunt projects that specifically target new to hunting or non-hunting adults age 18-44 years of age.
  • Angling recruitment and retention projects that are focused on increasing and diversifying fishing interest on Mille Lacs Lake
  • "Learn to Fish" programs targeting non-fishing adults and families with a focus on the seven county metropolitan area
  • Reverse mentoring programs in which younger anglers and hunters would be encouraged to re-engage or re-invigorate anglers and hunters age 45 and older
  • Angling and hunting awareness programs targeting non-fishing/hunting families, especially from diverse and underrepresented populations
  • Long term angling and hunting mentoring programs targeted at new to hunting or non-hunting adults age 18-44
  • Creation of innovative self-learning tools to help novice anglers and hunters enhance their skills and gain confidence
  • Projects that provide, or improve, information about lands and waters available for angling and hunting
  • Creation of a mini-grant program to manage and provide sub-grants to smaller organizations to receive fishing and hunting equipment following MN DNR's grant requirements and limitations
  • Evaluation of the impact of participation in HS archery and shooting sport programs on hunter recruitment
  • Establishment and management of a state R3 coordinating council to guide Minnesota's angler and hunter recruitment, retention and reactivation activities
  • Other projects that support Minnesota's angling or hunting heritage as determined by MN DNR

Grant dollars cannot be used for activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Purchase of hunting or fishing licenses, tags, or stamps
  • Group banquets, raffle prizes, or other fundraising activities
  • Hunting and fishing competitions with cash awards or prizes larger than nominal value 
  • Administrative costs, such as overhead or indirect costs

Grant awards

Grant applications are scored by a panel of at least three individuals each with an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of angler and hunter recruitment and retention; each reviewer submits a separate score sheet. Points are awarded according to how well the proposed project meets the following scoring criteria, available in the application PDF.

The Department of Natural Resources will review and rank applications at the close of each round.