Angler and hunter recruitment and retention grants

Helping a young hunterGetting more people into the outdoors is crucial for the future stewardship of Minnesota's natural resources.

Minnesota has fared better than most states in maintaining hunting and fishing activity. But there is much work to be done as the segment of the population that participates the most continues to age, and an ever-growing number of younger people do not know how to fish and hunt.

Program purpose

The DNR created a grant program in 2015 to help local groups support Minnesota's angling and hunting heritage. The program aims to address concerns over declines in hunting and angling participation.

The Angler and Hunter Recruitment and Retention Grant Program works to get more people to hunt or fish through their participation or commitment to these activities. At a minimum, people leave with positive experiences and opinions toward hunting and fishing.

Priority will be given to programs for new and diverse audiences and those with an ongoing impact rather than one-time events.

The most recent grant application period closed on April 4, 2019. No additional funding is currently allocated for the program, but if you wish to be notified of future phases of the Angler and Hunter Recruitment and Retention Grant Program, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Add me to the contact list" or call 888-646-6367.

Level of assistance

Grants from $5,000 to $49,999 will be awarded. No match is required, but organizations are encouraged to include a match of dollars or in-kind labor, materials or services. The amount of match provided by applicants will be considered in the evaluation of proposals. All hunting and angling equipment (bows, rods, tackle, etc.) and other related items with a purchase value of $4,999 or less are eligible and shall remain the property of the grantee.

The DNR provides grant funds as authorized by the Minnesota Legislature. All grant agreements must comply with the laws and regulations governing the DNR. Multi-organization collaborations are encouraged.