#31DaysOfTrees Challenge-Winners

DNR forester and landowner walking in landowner's woodlands

2017 Arbor Month celebrated the health benefits of trees. The #31DaysOfTrees Challenge during Arbor Month encouraged Minnesotans to get their daily dose of trees to be healthy. With over 900 entries, picking five winners was difficult. Thanks to all who participated in the #31DaysOfTrees Challenge.

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View of forest with tree with no leaves

Best Location—Hiking in the foggy woods of Quarry Park and Nature Preserve, Stearns County Parks

holla4disney: "I love fog—it provides the best lighting for photos. On this morning, there was an early spring fog that beckoned me outside. I went to one of my favorite local spots, Quarry Park and Nature Preserve. I found the perfect shot. The trees were dripping green and shrouded in a robe of silk that created an ethereal world. I breathed in the stillness of that particular moment and captured it for this photo."

image of cedar tree with explode roots by water

Unique Tree—Tree in Gooseberry Falls State Park

daytripper28: "I had a great time getting out and exploring Minnesota's forests. I love finding unique trees and this challenge was the perfect to photograph some."

image of a cedar tree with exposed root by a lake

Best Video—Catkins of Ironwood moving in the wind

meganhad: "Participating in the #31DaysofTrees challenge inspired me to be more mindful of the nature around me as I moved about my days. It sparked conversation between friends and inspired me to look closely at my neighborhood environment."
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Photo showing girl with tree in background

Best Selfie—Morning bike commute to work

its_me_emberly: "I grew up in a household of tree lovers, so when my mom (a self-proclaimed tree hugger) told me about the #31DaysOfTrees challenge, I was in. My picture is in northeast Minneapolis in a park on the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway—part of my beautiful bicycle commute to work."

Tree trunk made into cribbage board

Most Creative—Giant-sized cribbage board made from ash log at the Minneapolis Arbor Day celebration

pickupstickers: "As an employee of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, I had a great time highlighting some of my work during this challenge."