The Minnesota River

The Minnesota River is the most diverse and underutilized resource in the Hutchinson Fisheries Management Area. Although it has been neglected in the past, one can still put a nightcrawler on a hook and catch a wide variety of fish. Over 63 species have been sampled during past surveys of the river. Channel catfish are abundant and their relative the flathead catfish is also found in good numbers. The largest fish ever sampled by the DNR in the Hutchinson Area was a 50-pound flathead catfish taken south of Sacred Heart in 1994. Twenty to forty pound flatheads are common to the river. Northern pike, walleye, and smallmouth bass are also available to anglers. Walleye fishing can be excellent at times with trophy-sized individuals not uncommon. The Minnesota River also offers anglers a chance at sauger, usually only found in river systems. Access is provided at various points along the river, specifically at four different Renville County Parks. Canoe float trips are an excellent way to enjoy the Minnesota River.


Past Surveys

Minnesota River Survey - 1958

Minnesota River Survey - 1992

Minnesota River Population Assessment - 1998

Minnesota River Angler Survey - 1998

Minnesota River Flathead Catfish Assessment - 2002

Minnesota River Population Assessment - 2004