Quarry Hill Nature Center Pond

map of pond

Location: Silver Creek Road NE

Maximum Depth: 9 feet

Size: 2 acres

Species: Bluegill

Amenities: Fishing piers, picnic shelter, parking, hiking trails, education facility, restrooms

Handicap Access: Yes

Comments: Quarry Hill Pond is located within the Quarry Hill Nature Center which is managed by Rochester City Parks. The pond is periodically stocked with adult panfish and is managed mainly to provide easy angling for children. Paved paths provide excellent access to the pond. The pond area is also managed for wildlife. The Quarry Hill Nature Center provides animal and fish displays that are popular with children.

Special angling regulations are in effect.

  • Sunfish, crappie and yellow perch: possession ten in combination, with no more than five crappie.
  • Largemouth and smallmouth bass: possession limit one.
  • Northern pike: possession limit one.