Fisheries Southeast Research Staff

John Hoxmeier - Research Scientist

[email protected]

MS - Auburn University, Fisheries

BS - St. Cloud State University, Aquatic Biology

John Hoxmeier is a Research Scientist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the Lake City Office. He has worked for the MNDNR since 2001. Prior to that he was a research biologist with the Illinois Natural History Survey.

John backpack electrofishing for brook trout in a Whitewater tributary


John with a nice muskie caught while sampling on Lake Zumbro

Douglas Dieterman, PhD - Research Biologist

[email protected]

PhD - University of Missouri - Columbia, Fisheries

MS - South Dakota State University, Fisheries

BA - St. Mary's University, Environmental Biology

Doug Dieterman was born and raised in Winona, MN. He has studied and published papers on a wide variety of stream-related topics including the effects of the Clean Water Act on prairie stream fishes, the ecology and management of fishes such as paddlefish and sicklefin chub (an imperiled minnow) in large floodplain rivers, and factors influencing fishes and fish management in the Driftless Area streams of southeast Minnesota. Past research in Minnesota has focused on factors influencing habitat use and growth in brown trout. Current research interests focus on how environmental factors such as floods and habitat conditions influence mortality and movement of various fish species including brown trout, smallmouth bass, and lake sturgeon in Minnesota rivers.

Doug and Darren Peper (Winona State University undergraduate student) collecting aquatic invertebrates

Doug fly fishing Yellowstone National Park with the buffalo

Doug (far left) on Pine Creek checking for PIT tags in brown and brook trout