2014 Lake Survey Summaries

Electrofishing 2014

We sampled using electrofishing--  running electricity through the water with a specialized boat-- in early fall to sample largemouth bass better than the nets used in primary lake surveying methods.

Lake (County) DateSpeciesNumber per hourAverage length (in)Max length (in)
Steiger (Hennepin)
LMBnot avail-- equip. issue14.018.7
Medicine (Hennepin)
  9/25 & 10/1/14
LMB638.2 (many young fish in catch)17.7


Walleye Presence/Growth Checks 2014

To determine presence and/or size of spring-stocked walleye fry before spending effort to harvest, we sampled the  shallow waters operated in 2014 as possible "rearing ponds." (Because local suitable waters and success have been poor recently, our office might occasionally attempt to raise fingerling walleyes only in limited locations after severe winters.)  Results summaries are below.
Eagle Lake (Carver Co.):  Sampled 8/26/14   No walleyes were sampled in multiple lake locations.  A silver lining is we captured most species we've sampled previously, including adult black crappie, northern pike, bluegill, and yellow perch.  This indicates the 2013-14 winterkill impacts did not completely deplete the fish community.

Lakefront Park Pond: Sampled 8/19/14   No walleyes were sampled, but fathead minnows and bluegills were.  An angler reported seeing largemouth bass earlier in the summer.  Possibility still exists for low-level walleye catches if pond conditions allow survival over several seasons.

McColl Pond: Sampled May 2014   Abundant bluegill predation was noted soon after fry were stocked.  While some walleyes might survive to provide anglers a bonus if conditions remain suitable, McColl is not viable for harvesting fingerlings to stock elsewhere.


Spring Sampling 2014

Soon after ice-out, we checked Medicine Lake walleye to see size and age composition of larger adult fish. We also measured the northern pike and largemouth bass captured. Results are from 36 total net locations.

Fish SpeciesNumberAverage Length (in)Max. Length (in)
(Hennepin)Northern Pike17322.935.0
4/17-22Largemouth Bass2715.919.8


Winterkill Checks 2014

The cool conditions of spring 2014 allowed us to do some assessment of winterkill impacts.  Summary information is below.
Eagle Lake (Carver Co.):  Sampled 4/25/14-- entire shoreline electrofished.  Only two golden shiner captured and one larger-sized fish too far out of range to ID.  Lake was stocked in May at 2.4 times its normal walleye fry quota.

Mitchell Lake (Hennepin Co.): Angler report late May 2014   Despite winter 2013-14 oxygen readings dropping to the low-2 ppm range, no dead fish were reported.  In late May, a lake resident sent us images of adult northern pike, largemouth bass, and walleye caught from the same lake location, indicating some adult gamefish survival.