2015 Lake Survey Summaries

Note: Starting in 2015, bass electrofishing (shocking) and some other types of sampling were incorporated into lake survey information found in LakeFinder.

Spring Sampling 2015

Soon after ice-out, we checked Lower Prior Lake to see size and age composition of larger adult walleye and northern pike. We also measured any largemouth bass captured. Results are from 40 total net locations.

Fish SpeciesNumberAverage Length (in)Max. Length (in)
Lower PriorWalleye16518.326.6
(Scott)Northern Pike826.733.3
4/6-10/15Largemouth Bass1n / a16.9

Notes:  walleye-- 30% 14-16.9 inches, 37% 17-19.9 inches, 33% 20 inches or larger;  northern pike-- 3 of 8 fish 24-29.9 inches, 2 of 8 fish 30 inches or larger (both in 33-inch size group)