Fairmont Chain of Lakes Muskie Stocking Proposal Summary

Fairmont Chain of Lakes Include Amber, Hall, Budd, Sisseton, and George Lakes.

picture of a Muskie with copyright MN DNR, C. Iverson

The goals of Muskie stocking in the Fairmont Chain of Lakes are:

  1. To Provide a trophy fishing opportunity.
  2. To establish a large predator.
  3. To increase the understanding of Muskie management in Minnesota by tagging pre-stocked Muskie and collecting data in follow-up surveys.

The Fairmont Chain of Lakes received 314 Muskie fingerlings (approximately 10-12 inches) in 2016 and will continue to be stocked every other year (2018, 2020, etc). These Muskies could potentially grow to sizes greater than 30 inches in approximately 5 years with some muskies reaching lengths near 50 inches in approximately 10 years.

The Fairmont Chain of Lakes meets the characteristics for Muskie stocking based on lake type, low northern pike abundance, and high prey availability.

Information on Muskellunge interactions with other fish species, like Walleye, can be found by reading MN DNR Special Publication 166. Little concern exists for negative interactions with other game fish species in the Fairmont Chain of Lakes due to the current stocking regimes of game fish species by the MN DNR.

Questions can be directed towards Windom Area Fisheries Staff by e-mailing [email protected] or by phone at 507-831-2900. Area Supervisor Ryan Doorenbos is available at phone extension 232 and Assistant Area Fisheries Supervisor Nate Hodgins is available at phone extension 234. 

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