Forestry Management System (FMS) RFP

The Division of Forestry within the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR) is in need of a next generation, modern and comprehensive integrated forestry management system (FMS) to support the efficient and effective operation of core business functions and share information among Forestry program areas, other MN DNR divisions, industry and the public. The below links are to the forms and appendix documents for the RFP.

Part 9. Submittal Forms

  1. FMS Functional Requirements response Form
  2. FMS Non-functional Requirements response Form
  3. System Security Form
  4. Reference Form
  5. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines—VPAT Form
  6. Section 508 VPAT Form
  7. Affidavit of Noncollusion
  8. Veteran Owned Preference
  9. Workforce Certificate Information
  10. Equal Pay Certificate
  11. Certification Regarding Lobbying
  12. State of Minnesota Resident Vendor
  13. MNIT Vendor Security Compliance Questionnaire Outsource
  14. MNIT Vendor Security Compliance Questionnaire Software
  15. Vendor FMS Cost Proposal

Part 10: Appendixes

10.1 FMS RFP Glossary of Terms & Acronyms

10.2 State of Minnesota Sample Contract

10.3 MN DNR Travel Expenses Standards - Commissioner's 2015-17 Travel Plan

10.4 Accessibility Documents

10.4.1 Vendor instructions for Completing VPAT Forms

10.4.2 MN DNR Expectations for Accessible Reports

10.4.3 MN DNR Operation Order 132: Electronic Information and Technology Accessibility

10.5 MN DNR Forestry Regional and Area Map

10.6 MN DNR Forestry "Standing Tall" informational booklet

10.7 MN Forestry Sample Reports

10.7.1 Forestry FY2016 Work Plan: Area Targets and Workload Indicators

10.7.2 MN DNR Forestry Sample SFRMP - Anoka Sand Plain

10.7.3 MN DNR Forestry Area ASEL Workflow diagram

10.7.4 MN DNR Forestry Silviculture Program: Statewide Accomplishments

10.7.5 MN DNR Forestry Timber Sales Program Quarterly Report

10.7.6 MN DNR Forestry Stand Exam List (SEL) Acres Disposition Report

10.7.7 MN DNR Forestry Stand Exam List (SEL) Accomplishments Report

10.7.8 MN DNR Forestry Sample Biennium Accomplishments Report

10.7.9 MN DNR FIM Stand Report

10.8 GIS Infrastructure

10.8.1 MN DNR ArcGIS Server Design

10.8.2 MN DNR GIS Definition

10.8.3 MN Geospatial Standards

10.9 MN DNR Forestry Network Circuits & PCs by Office Location

10.10 MN DNR Standard Workstation Computers

10.11 MN DNR Forestry Important Computer System Interfaces

10.12 MN DNR Forestry Current Process Flows

10.13 MN DNR Forestry Example Data Elements and Relationships

10.14 MN DNR Customer Data Standards

10.15 MN DNR Forestry Application System User Role Definition

10.16 State of Minnesota Mobile Device: Usage, Policy & Agreement

10.17 FMS RFP System Testing Definitions

10.18 FMS Desired Inventory Processing