FAQ for new DNR logo

Minnesota has a new logo. learn about the new DNR logo

The Minnesota DNR is one of the first agencies to adopt a new state of Minnesota logo and branding strategy. The new logo is a fresh and cohesive look for state agencies designed to identify all of state government as an enterprise working on behalf of all Minnesotans.

The DNR will begin adopting the new logo and branding strategy starting on Thursday, Dec. 15. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this exciting new initiative.

Q: Why is the state rebranding?

A: Currently every agency, board, and commission in state government has their own logo (or no logo). We believe the lack of a cohesive brand can be confusing. We want our customers to know when they are interacting with state government. We work together to make life better for all Minnesotans, and a unified brand helps us covey that message. We also want job seekers to know that we are one employer and that the state is a great place to start and grow your career. Having one clear and consistent brand supports our work to recruit and retain the best talent.

Q: Is this going to impact the services I receive?

A: No. We hope this effort will help Minnesotans better identify our agencies and find the services they need. We believe making it easier to find and interact with the state is another step in improving our customer service.

Q: How much did this cost?

A: We used the logo launched by Explore Minnesota in 2014 so there were no brand development costs, besides what Explore Minnesota initially paid in 2014. The cost of implementing the new brand to all agencies is minimal. We are updating online assets such as websites and social media using our in-house resources. We will update logos on other materials through attrition. For example, we will use up stationary before ordering materials with the new logo.

We believe we will see cost savings long term because we can now share templates across agencies, new materials are formatted with accessibility and usability in mind, making them easier for users to find, understand, and use. By reducing confusion, we save customers time, and reduce the need for follow up.

Q: What about vehicles and signs?

A: For vehicles, the DNR will begin using the new logo once our supply of old logos is exhausted. When they come into service, new vehicles will have the new logos applied to them. Low-cost signs will be installed on the main entrance doors for DNR buildings at the central office, four regions and four major area offices. Other signs will be updated as they wear out and are replaced. New uniforms and logo wear will get the new logo or patches that have the new logo.

Q: Haven't I already seen that MN logo around town?

A: Yes. Explore Minnesota launched the new brand in 2014 to promote our state as a great place to visit. They have used the brand in print ads, marketing materials, TV commercials, and online.

Q: Who designed the logo?

A: Explore Minnesota really paved the way on this effort. They contracted with Little, a Minneapolis design and branding agency, to develop a new brand. Explore Minnesota started using the new brand in 2014.

Q: Why was this design and look chosen?

A: Explore Minnesota and Minneapolis based design agency, Little, developed a few options and did extensive work to determine what the state brand should look like. For example, they got input from multiple test audiences. In the end, this was the design and look that most resonated. We couldn't agree more. It really captures the playful spirit of Minnesota and the colors pay homage to one of our state's best assets, the great outdoors.

Q: Is every agency changing their look?

A: Most agencies, boards and commissions in the executive branch will move to the new look by December 2017.

Q: If the state is rebranding, why do I still see some agencies using their previous logo?

A: To most efficiently use resources, agencies are updating materials as they touch them. All state agencies, boards, and commissions in the executive branch will move to the new state brand by December 2017.

Q: Have other states done this?

A: Yes. Michigan and North Carolina are excellent examples of a successful statewide branding effort. The MnSCU rebrand to Minnesota State is another good example. The University of Minnesota is another strong model of a unified brand among diverse services.

Q: Is the new logo and color palette accessible?

A: Yes. The state Office of Accessibility has approved the logo and related elements. It is up to each user to verify accessibility in new materials they create.