Retrieve Climate Data (Cooperative Stream Gaging Quality Control Support)

retrieving data

National Weather Service Cooperative Observers observe daily maximum and minimum temperatures, rainfall, snowfall, and snow depth. Their measurements summarize 24-hour periods ending at an observation time convenient for the volunteer, most often 7:00 AM or 8:00 AM.

Green markers on the map depict climate monitoring locations that were active within the past two years. Clicking on a green marker will provide information about the station's history and permits users to retrieve climate data for the station's full period of record.

Blue markers represent DNR/MPCA/USGS gage locations with available data on the MPCA/DNR Cooperative Stream Gaging site. Sites with available data include any with published historical data or provisional telemetry data.

Other climate data resources:

• Radar-based precipitation estimates
• Retrieve MNGage data

• Retrieve CoCoRaHS data
• Monthly precipitation data from gridded database
• Historical divisional monthly time-series data

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