Central Minnesota CWD surveillance area

Map highlighting the DPAs included in the central CWD surveillance area: 277, 283, 219, 285.

General information

In 2017, a deer at a deer farm in Meeker County tested positive for chronic wasting disease. The DNR implemented its response plan, which calls for three years of surveillance in the area around the facility. Since then, there have been no detections of CWD in wild deer.

Because no wild deer positives were detected in the central surveillance area in its third consecutive year of testing, there will be no more surveillance efforts in this area during the 2020 hunting season.

The central Minnesota surveillance area included deer permit areas 277 and 283 east of State Trunk Highway 4, deer permit area 219 south of State Trunk Highway 55, and deer permit area 285 north of State Trunk Highway 7.