CWD control zones

These deer permit areas border one or more deer permit areas designated as a management zone, where CWD in wild deer persists or a slight spread has been documented. Control zones provide buffers that help prevent further disease spread. Deer feeding bans are in place.

Deer permit areas included

  • 255, 343, 344.


  • Testing is mandatory during the opening weekend of the firearms A season (Nov. 5-6).
  • Carcass movement restrictions are in place. Deer harvested in any season cannot be moved out of a control zone or its adjacent management zones until a "not-detected" test result is received. Hunters can transport properly quartered or boned meat - make plans to process your deer.
  • Deer feeding and attractant bans may be in place. Deer permit areas (DPAs) do not necessarily follow county lines. A DPA may only partially overlap with a county that has a deer feeding and attractant ban in place.

Special regulations

  • Hunters may harvest only one buck per year. Cross-tagging is allowed for bucks and antler-point restrictions are removed.
  • Hunters must use a statewide A or a late southeast B license for the respective firearms season. Bonus permits may be used for antlerless deer during any deer season.
  • Disease management permits cannot be used in the control zone.

CWD sampling options available to hunters include:

*Self-service sampling stations will no longer be available in archery and muzzleloader seasons for DPAs located in control zones.

**Wildlife management area offices can only take appointments during regular business hours, Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

How to prepare

Screenshot of township, range and section (PLS) location on DNR's recreation compass
  • Deer must be registered before sampling.
  • Hunters who harvest a deer either Saturday, Nov. 5 or Sunday, Nov. 6 in DPAs requiring mandatory sampling must have any adult deer (1 year or older) sampled.
  • Hunters will need their Public Land Survey (PLS) number at staffed and self-service sampling stations so the township, range and section of your harvest can be recorded. Zoom completely in to your harvest location on recreation compass and click. Write down the PLS number that appears in the popup box.
  • Dumpsters for proper carcass disposal will be available in CWD control zones. Some of these dumpsters will have quartering stations, so hunters can transport meat from untested deer out of the CWD control zone. A list will be posted here when finalized.


Staffed sampling stations are open from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5 – Monday, Nov. 7. Staffed sampling stations will be open Monday, Nov. 7 to allow hunters who harvest a deer late in the evening Sunday, Nov. 6 the ability to submit a sample.

Use the show entries, search and sort features to locate and list sampling stations serving the DPAs in which you hunt. Available dumpsters (D) and quartering stations (QS) are listed in the the Dumpster column.

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Nov. 5-7
Dates open
255, 343, 344AlturaWhitewater WMA office15035 Highway 74D • QSStaffedNov. 5-28
255, 343, 344AustinJay C. Hormel Nature Center1304 21st Street NED • QSStaffedNov. 5-13
255, 343, 344PlainviewKreofsky Do It Best Building Supply865 Enterprise Drive SWD • QSStaffedNov. 5-28
255, 343, 344Pine IslandNext to Dollar General222 E. Center St.NoneStaffedNov. 5-28
255, 343, 344Pine IslandBrush dump site501 Center Drive ED • QSStaffedNov. 5-28