Southeast Minnesota CWD control zone

Dates and information on this page apply to the 2020 season. Details for 2021 are expected to be available by Aug. 2.


General information

The southeast control zone borders the southeast CWD management zone to help prevent further spread of disease. The southeast CWD control zone is permit areas 255, 343 and 344.

Map highlighting the DPAs included in the southeast CWD control zone: 255, 343, 344.

Map of the southeast control management zone

Interactive map

2020 hunting information

CWD sampling and testing

As part of the DNR’s COVID-19 response, CWD sampling is voluntary for all deer harvested in this CWD control zone. CWD sampling stations are available during all seasons (archery, firearms and muzzleloader).

  • The DNR highly encourages hunters to help by providing the head of any harvested adult deer (1 year or older) at a self-service sampling station during all hunting seasons.
  • Hunters may bring any deer harvested within the control zone to any sampling station either inside the control zone or CWD management zone. 
  • Due to uncertainty of COVID-19, station locations could change in each area. Visit this page to see current sampling station locations.
  • You will need to provide the township, range and section of your harvest location. Maps are provided at each station, but hunters are encouraged to have this information for their location of harvest prior to arriving.

The time it takes to receive CWD test results will vary depending on the number of samples collected. Process your deer as you normally would. Keep processed deer separate and identifiable until test results are received.

Test results for all deer that are sampled will be available online at

What can I harvest?

  • Hunters may harvest only one buck per hunter per year.
  • Hunters may cross-tag bucks.
  • Antler point restrictions (APR) are canceled in this zone. 
  • Hunters must use either a Statewide (A) or a Late Southeast (B) license for the respective firearms season.

Is this area affected by carcass movement restrictions?

Yes. Deer carcass movement restrictions apply during all seasons for all deer, including fawns.

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2020 sampling locations for archery, muzzleloader and firearms

All locations have self-service sampling stations available 24/7, unless otherwise noted in the table. Look for an orange "CWD Sampling Station" sign and black barrel (examples: image 1image 2).

AlturaWhitewater WMA Wildlife Office15035 Highway 74, Altura, MN 55910
AustinJay C. Hormel Nature Center1304 21st St. NE, Austin, MN 55912
Pine IslandVacant lot, west of the entrance to the Dollar General parking lot 105 1st Ave. NE, Pine Island, MN 55963
PlainviewKreofsky Do It Best Building865 Enterprise Drive SW, Plainview, MN 55964

What do I do with my carcass after sampling?

Deer carcasses must be disposed of properly to meet deer carcass movement restrictions

To help hunters comply with these legal carcass movement restrictions, the DNR set up dumpsters where hunters can dispose of carcasses (head and spinal column) after quartering or butchering so they can leave the CWD areas immediately. Please check this page for updates on dumpster locations.

Dumpsters for carcass disposal

The following shows current disposal locations. Locations may change. Please check regularly for up-to-date information.

Pine IslandCity Brush Dump222 Center Drive, Pine Island, MN 5596311/7/2020 - 1/6/2021Yes

Kreofsky Do It Best Building

865 Enterprise Drive SW, Plainview, MN 5596411/7/2020 - 1/6/2021Yes

Fully equipped CWD caracass disposal stationNot all CWD carcass disposal stations are fully equipped as shown.

Taxidermist information for sampling trophy deer

If you want to have your trophy deer caped or mounted, the following taxidermists can collect the lymph node samples and deliver them to the DNR for voluntary testing. Taxidermists may charge a fee to cape out your deer prior to extracting the samples. Please contact them ahead of time to schedule an appointment or make sure they are available.

Using a taxidermist for sampling will result in a longer turnaround time for your CWD test results.

Hunters in this control zone may also use taxidermists in the southeast disease management zone (but hunters in the southeast disease management zone cannot use control zone options due to carcass movement restrictions).

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ViolaViola Taxidermy3807 Thomas St. NE55934507-876-2525

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