Southeast Minnesota CWD management zone

General information

Ongoing detections of chronic wasting disease in wild deer in southwest Wisconsin and northeast Iowa prompted the DNR to conduct voluntary surveillance in southeast Minnesota in 2016. That year, after detecting CWD in three wild deer in Fillmore County, the DNR implemented its response plan and established a CWD management zone (deer permit area 603). Surveillance continued in this area through 2018, and following additional detections and spread to new areas outside of DPA 603, including CWD-positive wild deer in Houston and Winona Counties, the management zone was expanded for the 2019 hunting season. It now includes additional deer permit areas, which have been renamed under the 600-series to signify CWD management in the area.

The southeast CWD management zone is all of DPAs 643, 645, 646, 647, 648, 649 and 655. 

Minnesota’s CWD management zones were designated due to the detection of CWD in wild deer. The intent of management strategies in CWD management zones is to: increase hunting opportunities with liberalized bag limits to reduce deer densities; limit the potential for disease transmission; and remove any additional positive deer from the landscape.

The DNR is working with U.S. Department of Agriculture-Wildlife Services to complete targeted culling in February 2020 in localized areas in the southeast where CWD has been detected in wild deer. Reducing deer densities in these areas reduces the risk of disease spreading. A map of the areas of focus is available here.

Map showing the DPAs included in the southeast CWD management zone: 655, 643, 347, 648, 645, 646, 649.

Map of the southeast disease management zone

Interactive map

Map of portion of southeast Minnesota showing spring 2020 priorities for USDA targeted culling.

2019 hunting information

CWD sampling and testing

CWD sampling is mandatory for all deer harvested in this CWD management zone. CWD sampling stations are available during all seasons.

  • During the firearms seasons, hunters must present all deer in person at a CWD sampling station for mandatory sampling; fawns must be presented to confirm age and will only be tested upon voluntary submission. A special carcass tag will be attached to the deer to verify sampling and/or age.
  • During archery and muzzleloader seasons, hunters must submit the heads of all adult deer (1 year of age or older) at one of the self-service sampling locations.
  • Hunters may bring any deer harvested within the CWD management zone to get tested to any sampling station inside the management zone, but cannot bring their deer to a sampling station that is in the CWD control zone. 
  • You will need to provide the township, section and range of your harvest location.

The time it takes to receive test results for deer sampled for CWD will vary depending on the number of samples collected. Process your deer as you normally would. Keep processed deer separate and identifiable until test results are received.

Test results for all deer that are sampled will be available online at

What can I harvest?

  • Either sex with a regular license.
  • In the southeast CWD management zone, hunters may harvest up to three legal bucks per year. Hunters can take one buck under an archery license, one buck under a firearms license, and one buck under a muzzleloader license.
  • Bucks taken in the Southeast CWD management zone deer permit areas do not count toward the one buck limit elsewhere in the state, but do count toward the license limit. For example, a hunter can take one buck with a firearms license in DPA 643 and another buck with a muzzleloader license in DPA 171.
  • Hunters may harvest an unlimited number of antlerless deer by purchasing an unlimited number of disease management tags for $2.50 to take antlerless deer. These tags may be used instead of bonus permits to take antlerless deer in this area.
  • Antler point restrictions are canceled in these zones.
  • Cross-tagging for antlered bucks is allowed in these zones.
  • Hunters may use a Statewide (A) or a Late Southeast (B) license during any firearms season.

Is this area affected by carcass movement restrictions?

Yes. Deer carcass movement restrictions apply during all seasons and for all deer, including fawns.

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2019 sampling location information

Sampling stations in the southeast CWD management zone

Map showing the DPAs included in the southeast CWD management zone (655, 643, 347, 648, 645, 646, 649) and sampling stations.

  • Archery and muzzleloader seasons: All locations have self-service sampling stations available 24/7 during archery, muzzleloader and unstaffed portions of the firearms seasons, unless otherwise noted in the table. Look for an orange "CWD Sampling Station" sign and black barrel (examples: image 1; image 2).
  • Firearms seasons: All locations will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. during Nov. 9-17 and Nov. 23-Dec. 1, unless otherwise noted in the table.


CaledoniaHouston County Fairgrounds1316 E. Washington St.
Caledonia, MN 55921

1. Strongwell (staffed during
3A/3B opening weekends,
Nov. 9-10 and 23-24)

2. Magnum Sports (staffed
during remaining days
of entire 3A/3B firearms

1. Strongwell, 1610 US-52
Chatfield, MN 55923

2. Magnum Sports, 20 Main St. S.
Chatfield, MN 55923

Dexter*Hamilton Auction Company
*self-service sampling not available
130 State Highway 16
Dexter, MN 55926

West of Harmony
(not staffed)

Near intersection of 120th Street and Kingbird Road (319)
HoustonBP Gas Station801 MN-16
Houston, MN 55943
KassonHardware Hank11 Fourth St. SE
Kasson, MN 55944
La CrescentLaCrescent Joint Public Works Facility450 S. Chestnut St.
La Crescent, MN 55947
LeRoyLake Louise State Park12385 766th Ave.
Le Roy, MN 55951
MabelSteam Engine Days Park90 E. Alpine Ave.
Mabel, MN 55944
PrestonDNR Forestry Office912 Houston St. NW
Preston, MN 55965
RochesterDNR shop at Gordy Yeager
WMA – Southwest Unit

2300 Silver Creek Road NE
Rochester, MN 55906

RushfordPam's Corner Convenience107 MN-16
Rushford, MN 55971 
St. CharlesWinona County Fairgrounds
(behind A&W All American
518 W. 6th St.
St. Charles, MN 55972
City Lot across from Spring
Valley Public Utilities
104 S Section St.
Spring Valley, MN 55975 
StewartvilleBear Cave Park800 10th St. NW
Stewartville, MN 55976 
WinonaMills Fleet Farm920 E. Highway 61
Winona, MN 55987 
WitokaWitoka Tavern27999 County Road 9
Winona, MN 55987 

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What do I do with my carcass after sampling?

After providing a deer sample, deer carcasses must be disposed of properly to meet deer carcass movement restrictions

To help hunters comply with these legal carcass movement restrictions, the DNR set up dumpsters where hunters can dispose of carcasses (head and spinal column) after quartering or butchering so they can leave the CWD areas immediately.

Alternately, hunters may work with meat processors within the zone; some options are listed below.

Dumpsters for carcass disposal

Dumpster locations are listed when they are available for the hunting season.


Meat processor options

The following is a list of some meat processors in the area. Use at your own discretion and call for availability first.


R Four Meats


24 SW 2nd St.


Call for availability

Dover Processing, Inc.


481 South Main St.


Boneless trim only

Bluff Country MeatsEitzen

106 E. Main St.


Whole or trim
Burt's Meat & PoultryEyota

 114 Center Ave.


Whole carcass

Grand Meadow Locker

Grand Meadow

124 Main St. S


Boneless trim only

Oak Meadow Meats


50 9th Street NE


Boneless trim only

Stinson's Country MeatsHouston

402 W Cedar St.


Whole or trim
Pete's Meat & ProcessingLewiston

110 Main St.


Whole carcass
Ye Olde Butcher ShoppeRochester

902 7th St. NW 


Boneless trim only
Doerr Meat ProcessingRushford

106 W. Park St.


Whole carcass
Ody’s Country MeatsSpring Valley

17643 121st Ave.


Boneless trim only
Valley Butchery & Meat MarketSpring Valley

624 N Pleasant St.


Boneless trim only
Krenzke MeatsSt. Charles

1430 Whitewater Ave.


Boneless trim only
Wilson SmokeWinona

24580 Stonepoint Road


 Whole carcass

Taxidermist information for sampling trophy deer

Hunters who wish to mount their deer may work with a participating taxidermist to have their deer sampled. The taxidermists listed below are trained in sample collection. If you bring your trophy deer to one of these taxidermists to have it caped or mounted, the taxidermist will collect the lymph node samples and deliver them to the DNR for testing. If you use one of these taxidermists, you will satisfy the mandatory sampling requirements. Once your deer is caped and the skull plate removed, you can bring the cape and cleaned skull plate with attached antlers to your taxidermist of choice for final mounting.

Using a taxidermist for sampling will result in a longer turnaround time for your CWD test results.

Other taxidermists in this area can be used if the caped out head is brought to a sampling station.

Brian GuldenGulden Taxidermy2411 50th Ave. SERochester55904507-288-7082
Allen BartzScenic Taxidermy21559 Only Ave.Altura55910507-523-3307
Travis PetersonPeterson Taxidermy817 E. Cedar St.Houston55943507-896-3129
Mark MayerM&M Taxidermy110 Ave. B NEChatfield55923507-696-8588
Charles WisteWiste TaxidermyP.O. Box 325Spring Grove55974507-498-5820
Michel BashawSpent Arrow Taxidermy1497 Claudia Ave.La Crescent55947608-498-9243
Aaron VoldVold's Taxidermy2009 18th Ave. SWRochester55904507-202-0616
James WillardWillard's Taxidermy3898 Cork Hollow DriveBrownsville55919507-482-9453
Jacob LawrenceLarry's Taxidermy & Deer Processing12309 County Road 8 SEStewartville55976507-533-8710
Ken Strum 32283 750th Ave.Racine55967507-421-7025
Brian WelscherCrooked Creek Taxidermy12417 Knollwood RoadCaledonia55921507-724-1079
Eric GensmerBreezy Ridge Taxidermy12 Williams St.Lewiston55952507-272-5411
Nick ThesingNick's Skull Cleaning3251 Highway 76Houston55943507-896-2056

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