MBS wilderness safety and first-aid training, Spring 2011

In preparation for the upcoming field season, Minnesota County Biological Survey (MCBS) staff attended a wilderness first-aid and survival training course May 25-27 at the Finland Community Center in northeastern Minnesota. The two and one-half-day course, taught by instructors with Customized Safety Training, covered topics ranging from wound dressing and emergency evacuation, to hypothermia, heat stroke, drowning, adult CPR, and essential items to carry in a field pack. MCBS staff members often work in remote locations, including the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the northern peatlands, heightening the importance of basic knowledge in self-rescue and how to assist others in the event of an accident or sudden illness. Staff members have begun carrying satellite-based messaging and locating devices in the field, and instructors highlighted the importance of coordinating with local search-and-rescue personnel before beginning field work in an area.



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