Teacher overview

Dave Schuller, MN Department of Natural Resources
Tom Eiber, MN Department of Natural Resources
Sara E. Damon, Stillwater Area High School

General overview

Grades: 10-12
Subject: Human Geography

Overview of unit

In this unit, students will investigate the causes and effects of urban/wildland interface wildfires and use EPIC 2001 to analyze a community for fire-prone property by conducting GIS and Ground Assessments and compiling a Community Report.


Suggested Time Allowance

LessonTime allowance
Overall8-12 days
Causes and Effects of Wildfires1-2 days
Introduction to Firewise1 day
Introduction to GIS/EPIC 20011 day
GIS Assessment2-3 days
Ground Assessment1-5 days
Community Report2-3 days

Suggested background knowledge

Introduction to GIS

Academic Content Standards

Human Geography (partial)


Curriculum packet, PCs, EPIC 2001, GPS receivers, Field Trip funds


wildfire, mind map, land use, demographics, urban/wildland interface, urban sprawl, Smart Growth, Metropolitan Council, MUSA, Department of Natural Resources, Firewise, DOQ, GIS


Wildfire Cause and Effect Mind Map
GIS Assessment
Ground Assessment
Community Report

Extension activities

Interdisciplinary Connections

Forestry, Urban Planning, Mathematics, Computer Technology, Communications, Firefighting