Hybrid Vehicles

The DNR owns more than hybrid vehicles. There are 31 Toyota Prius and 10 Ford Escape hybrids, from model years 2006-2012, in the DNR fleet. With 18 hybrid vehicles at the Central Office in St. Paul, 14 at regional headquarters, and the rest distributed around the state, the hybrid fleet allows DNR staff to travel between facilities with a reduced environmental impact and fuel cost.

The DNR’s hybrid fleet is based at these sites:

  • Central Office
  • Region 1 HQ in Bemidji
  • Region 2 HQ in Grand Rapids
  • Region 3 HQ in St. Paul
  • Region 4 HQ in New Ulm
  • Brainerd Area Fisheries Office
  • Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area
  • Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle State Recreation Area
  • Rochester Office
  • Waterville Area Fisheries Office
  • Whitewater State Park

This table shows usage, fuel cost, and miles per gallon for the DNR’s hybrid vehicles, compared to other sedans in the fleet.





All Other Sedans

FY11 Miles Driven





Fuel Cost





FY11 Fuel Gallons Used











Toyota Prius

The Prius is an established hybrid, with excellent fuel economy both in the city and on the highway. It has a reputation for durability and dependability, and is the mainstay of the DNR hybrid fleet.

Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle

Ford Escape

The Escape Hybrid combines SUV capability with the environmental and economic benefits of a true hybrid. With an ample cargo area, it's an important part of the DNR fleet.

Hybrid Escape hybrid vehicle

Ford Fusion

In addition to the gas motor, the Fusion hybrid has a lithium-ion battery that powers a motor that allows this hybrid to cruise on electric power at speeds up to 50 mph while achieving 41 cty/36 hwy mpg. The fuel economy and roomy interior of this 5 passenger sedan make it a DNR favorite when reserving a pool vehicle.

Hybrid Fusion hybrid vehicle