Forest Insect and Disease Newsletter - Fall 2017

softwood timber pile

Fall 2017

Diplodia shoot blight in red pine

Emerald ash borer moves to Martin County

An isolated EAB capture in southern Minnesota
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Diplodia shoot blight in red pine

Hail damage on red pines in northern Chisago County

Hail? Yes!
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Jack pine budworm

Decrease the spread oak wilt with two simple steps

Read about alternatives to vibratory plowing
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hybrid poplars showing dieback

Branch tip flagging on oaks

Find out what's causing scattered dead oak branch tips
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green ash showing dieback

Don't give up on trees defoliated by Japanese beetles

There is hope for your defoliated trees
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Juniper showing dieback

Dutch elm disease

Dutch elm disease takes a toll in northern Minnesota
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white oaks leaves showing leaf disease

Effects from past drought and wind damage

Northeastern Minnesota red pines begin to show effects of past drought
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kabatina tip blight on juniperus

What on earth is that?

Silver maples harbor fluffy masses
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basketball on maple wood court

Acorn weevil grubs during fall seed collection

Holey acorns, Batman!
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pine forest

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