Forest Insect and Disease Newsletter - Wet Summer 2017

softwood timber pile
Diplodia shoot blight in red pine

One-year-old containerized red pine death in a plantation

Update on the five-year Diplodia shoot blight study
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Jack pine budworm

Jack pine budworm update

Jack pine budworm population steady or decreasing
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hybrid poplars showing dieback

Widespread dieback and mortality of hybrid poplars

Widespread hybrid poplar dieback in central and southern Minnesota
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green ash showing dieback

Mystery dieback of green ash

Mysterious green ash dieback is widespread in southern part of the state
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Juniper showing dieback

Widespread, minor dieback on junipers

Wet springs causing minor dieback on junipers in south-central Minnesota
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white oaks leaves showing leaf disease

Leaf disease on white and bur oaks

Anthracnose observed on white and bur oak in east-central Minnesota
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kabatina tip blight on juniperus

Tip blight on northern white cedar

Juniper tip blight killing trees in parts of northeastern Minnesota
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basketball on maple wood court

Region-wide dieback and mortality of bur oaks

Dieback and mortality plaguing oaks in northeastern Minnesota
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needle cast on pines

Needle cast of pines

Wet weather causing needle cast in pines
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venturia leaf blight on bitooth aspen

Venturia leaf and shoot blight on bigtooth aspen regeneration

Aspen regeneration suffers from leaf and shoot blight in northwestern Minnesota
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pine forest

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